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Let me introduce myself, I'm Claire.

I'm mum to 3 beautiful children, 2 rather large dogs & a wife. I am a fully qualified Hairdresser by trade with a few awards and certificates gained throughout my 25 years experience. 

I am actually autistic.

I've been making and testing home fragrances for over a year now & love it. I find anything crafty therapeutic.

Throughout the past year I have a grown a steady customer base, and a great array of fragrances tried and tested! 

Anyway thanks for reading this far lol. 

Please do check out my store and feel free to reach out via any social media outlet if you wish to discuss anything at all 😘

The Scent Boss UK 


We want to know what our customers love most & we are on a mission to gain as much positive feedback as we can.
Our products are limited in sizes but pack a punch in the scent department, thats what counts most for us 🖤